Need to get a spa moved?

The Relaxation Zone can move your spa from one location to another. Our rates are mileage and time based which means the cost will vary based on the distance and time. However, we have found that this is the most efficient way to bill for these services. For those customers with easier moves the charges are usually under $250 while more complicated and lengthy moves will be a bit more. Give us a call for help in working out a rough estimate over the phone.

If the spa is at ground level, with no barriers around it, and we can get our trailer close to it we can usually have your spa on our trailer in 15 minutes or less. At the delivery point we can get the spa off our trailer in less than 5 minutes under the same conditions.

We charge $1.00 per mile starting from our store at 835D Baltimore Blvd, Westminster, MD 21157 to the pick-up location, then from there to the drop-off location and finally back to our store. We calcuate this using Mapquest and the mileage portion can be calculated before we even start.

In addition we also charge $100 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. The time charges start when we leave our store and end when we finish delivering the spa. Time returning to the store is not billed.

After 2 hours we bill $25 per 15 minutes or any part thereof. If you wish us to remove and re-install cover lifters or fill the spa and get it started for you we can do that, but of course it will add to your labor charges if we go over two hours of time.

In some cases a crane is necessary to lift or set a spa if the surface the spa is on is too high for us to manually move the spa, or if access to the spa's location is blocked. The Relaxation Zone will make the final determination on what is too high. This can be as low as 3 or 4 feet in some cases and needs to be considered before hand. A crane can be rented for $450 (approximately) but this allows for 3 hours. If you need the crane at both locations it can often be done for no additional charge as long as the total time for the crane is under 3 hours. If the crane is needed over 3 hours the client will be charged at an hourly rate set by the crane operator.

We require a $100 deposit, cash or check, before we will depart to the pick-up lcoation. This is a non-refundable charge. If we can not move the spa because of its circumstances (such as a crane being needed but not ordered either through us or directly by the client) we will keep the deposit but give a written reason (via e-mail or letter) why we could not move the spa and offer instructions on how to remedy the situation. If we eventually do complete the move $50 of the initial $100 will be credited toward the final charges. $50 will be kept strictly to cover expenses on our first trip. In some cases (long distance moves, for example) we may require a larger deposit, of which half would be credited toward an eventual move if we can't move it initially.

To prevent us showing up and being unable to move the spa you can hire us to do a site inspection at either or both ends. We will do the site inspection for $100 (either end) or $150 for both ends and will credit 50% ($50 or $75) of that toward the move charges if you hire us to move the spa. If the spa move is a long distance the site inspection cost may be more with half being credited toward charges for moving the spa if we are hired to do so.

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